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Tucker Engineering is a small business helping other small businesses and home computer users deal with the ever changing world of computer technology.  We fill the gap for those who do not have need for full -time IT support, yet desire the type of personal dedicated service provided by a loyal employee. For fun we also dabble in collectibles and supplies particularly the relaxing world of sports cards.


Visit Tuck’s Cards our fun site at www.tuckscards.com  for storage boxes, sleeves, pages, display cases & other protection for sports cards, memorabilia, comic books, stamps, currency & coins and other collectibles.


Online Auctions

Besides selling cards and other goods on our site tuckscards.com, we offer all sorts of odds and ends, including occasional tech toys and components in our auctions as POC_USA!


Established in 2001 as an Engineering & CAD consulting company, Tucker Engineering now focuses on computer repairs & consulting as TECCOPS Computer Repair servicing Woodstock IL, McHenry County and surrounding areas.  Solving computer performance and internet connection problems involving virus & spyware removal.

Initially studying Math & Computer Science at UIC-Chicago, Sean received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin Madison. Much of his computer knowledge comes from hands on experience working with computers for employers, friends, and colleagues.

If your computer has been violated, Call the COPS!

In 2004, Sean Tucker, coined the phrase Computer Operation Performance Specialists and founded Teccops Computer Repair.