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Tuck’s Cards on facebook.com provides a fun place to share your joy of collecting with your friends and other fans of our page, catch up on our latest offerings for collecting cards, sports memorabilia, stamps,coins and more!  Also visit our site at www.tuckscards.com.

Visit Teccops on facebook.com where we share our PC repair challenges, battling viruses & phishing scams. Share your concerns with us and others and recommend us to your friends!  And remember if your computer is giving you trouble Call the Cops at Teccops!

Visit our pages on facebook.com and our list of useful links to find the answers to some of your burning questions, learn more about our company and other services and software that we use and recommend.  Tucker Engineering is made up of  two main businesses, Teccops Computer Repair and Tuck’s Cards, that on the surface have may seem to have nothing in common, yet are both have the same goal to help others get the most enjoyment out of what interests them the most.

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Visit our pages on facebook.com to find out what’s new with our business and to share your thoughts with your friends and other fans of our pages.  You’ll find some tips and tricks to help you keep your computer running smooth as well as updates on some of the latest phishing scams, virus threats, and other malicious activity we’ve encountered.  Learn about emerging technologies, classic equipment, components, and software just see what we do.

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